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Unlock Your Startup's Success: Transform Your Journey

Book your one-to-one session and take the first step towards transforming your startup journey with guidance that's as kind and helpful as it is insightful.

Other founders have used our help to:

 Solve a strategic problem

 Improve their purpose and story

 Get constructive feedback on their pitch deck

 Develop a fundraising strategy and who to contact

 Tackle the issues keeping them awake at night

Sessions last 45 minutes and we will review any documentation you send in advance. 

ONLY £249

Areas you might want to ask for our help with:

1. Start-up fundraising: we've helped start-ups that went on to raise over $1bn. We help founders assess their fundraising readiness and craft brilliant decks. 

2. The entrepreneur's journey: we've founded, grown and sold our own businesses, helped hundreds of founders solve problems, and advised founders through successful exits and earn outs.

3. Start-up strategy, branding and communications: we've advised over 100 top brands on how to connect better with customers, from Nectar and Novartis to Nivea. We currently advise some of the fastest growing start-ups and scale-ups, such as Mendi and Monese.

4. Financial advisory: we've enbaled dozens of businesses to scale their people, systems and processes to maximise commercial returns. We help founders master their finances every week.

Some of the founders we help:


What People Are Saying:

'Working with Marcus and Nick has been a magical experience. They've helped me crack my own pitch deck and messaging. They've done the same for startups we invested in. They can do it for you as well.'

Peet Denny, Founding Partner, Climate VC

The session with Nick was extremely helpful for us. He was able to look at the business both from an outsider's perspective, and draw on his years of experience to quickly deliver actionable insights. Our company's solutions are both quite technical and wide in scope, so we have struggled to succinctly communicate our value proposition in a way that speaks to all of our target stakeholders.  In a short amount of time, Nick was able to help us extract our key messages, and articulate them in a powerful way. I would highly recommend any founders in a similar situation spend some time with U2R.

Kene, Founder

My session with Marcus was super helpful. His advice was directly actionable and he's already made an intro that's let to other helpful follow-on conversations. Marcus is very clear and not worried about sharing a candid view, which is so valuable when benchmarking different (and sometimes contradictory) inputs is tricky as an early stage founder.

Frederik Muelke, Founder

You're so brilliantly helpful. Your expertise has helped me massively already.

Lynsey Pollard, Founder

'The team at U2R are the real deal. They have been there and done it. For me that is the type of person I trust to give advice/ guidance, not self appointed experts.'

Scott Wylie, serial founder and CEO of Seven

£249.00 GBP

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