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Find out how good your pitch deck is before you start fundraising

Assess and perfect your deck before you send it out to investors:

  • Get a candid reality check with a systematic review and score
  • Find out how investors will view your business
  • Get expert guidance on how to best present your business to investors

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           How the pitch deck review works

01. Prepare your deck

  • Get your best deck ready 
  • It should be around 15 slides (maximum 20)

02. Submit your deck

  • We'll send you details after you book your review 
  • We'll review within 3 working days of receipt 

03. Finalise your deck

  • We'll send you a written report with a 38 point assessment
  • Use the deck score and constructive feedback to improve your deck 


Dan Grech

Dan Grech, CEO and Founder -    Global OTEC

‘UP AND TO THE RIGHT have transformed me from a pitch deck apprentice to a graduate. They developed my storytelling and cut through all the unnecessary details that a founders head is buzzing with. The materials we worked on together helped us close our last round and I have confidence it will help us immeasurably with the next.’

Grace Olugbodi

Grace Olugbodi, Founder -


'Extremely helpful. U2R advised on those extra things that are not obvious but that make a pitch deck that much stronger.'


Peet denny

Peet Denny, Founding Partner - Climate VC

'Working with UP AND TO THE RIGHT has been a magical experience. They've helped me crack my own pitch deck and messaging. They've done the same for startups we invested in. They can do it for you as well.'


Kene Ezeji-Okoye

Kene Ezeji-Okoye, Co-Founder -


'Our company's solutions are both quite technical and wide in scope, so we have struggled to succinctly communicate our value proposition in a way that speaks to all of our target stakeholders.  In a short amount of time, Nick was able to help us extract our key messages, and articulate them in a powerful way.'



Albert Oliver

Albert Oliver, Founder -

The 1Cap

'This really helped me transform my deck before I sent it to potential investors. There were some key elements I hadn’t included which investors look for.'



Find out how good your deck is before you start fundraising

 Get a systematic 38-point expert review including:

  A pitch deck readiness score to let you know how close it is

  Assessment of your deck's investor-centricity, including the appeal of the opportunity, solution, commercials and overall credibility of the pitch

  Feedback on the deck's structure, story, content, language and design

  Slide by slide feedback for all 15 slides 

  Actionable advice to plug any gaps

  Get your deck reviewed within 3 working days 


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Marcus Exall is one of the UK's top angel investors. He's advised and backed founders who went on to raise over $1bn. Before that he played a key role in several high-growth scaleups, such as and Monese.

He is ably assisted by Nick Berry, a strategist with whom he has worked for over 20 years. Nick founded, grew and exited a successful strategic digital agency helping dozens of top brands grow. He is using big brand thinking and frameworks to help startup and scaleup founders lay the foundations of $1bn businesses. Andy Maher, an expert in scaling and selling successful businesses, completes the U2R team.

We know how hard the journey is. We formed U2R to make the path easier for and ensure more founders achieve their ambitions, especially those without easy access to networks of advisors or investors. 

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