'Our purpose is to help more founders succeed. Because not enough have a fair chance. Too many find the journey too hard. And only a few enjoy the glory they deserve.

We help by boosting entrepreneurial tradecraft. This is the ability to anticipate and solve the problems all start-ups encounter.'


Well, this is going to be awkward...

Because we are the last people to blow our own trumpets. But we appreciate you want to know we know what we are talking about. The businesses we have helped have raised over $990m of funding.

It's not all about fundraising though. We have founded, built, and sold our own businesses. We have bought, sold, and integrated others. We've worked as digital, media, brand, comms and business strategists to grow some of the world's top brands. We have the scars to prove it...

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Marcus Exall

Marcus Exall

Marcus may be a successful serial entrepreneur. He may be an experienced Angel investor. He may also have been the brains, guiding hand or early money behind start-up triumphs, such as Monese, Mendi, Nomio, Clim8 and Improbable. But he is a lifelong supporter of Queens Park Rangers, so his judgement is not faultless. He has been around the tech scene since the dotcom days, so he either knows everyone, or has been for tea with their mother. He’s nice, like that. So if he can’t solve your problems, he knows someone who can.

Nick Berry

Nick has been Marcus’ partner in crime for over 20 years. He started life looking like George Clooney but the experience of working with Marcus has ruined him. He claims to have his own identity, as he is a successful serial entrepreneur, strategist, and start-up adviser. He’s grown everything from tiny companies to the world’s biggest brands. But he’s really here to bring Marcus green tea. He also spends too much of his time obsessing about things that no one else cares about. Like generalship in the First World War, how to squeeze more books onto crowded shelves, and why baby dinosaurs are impossible to find. Still, this curiosity does mean that if we don’t already have an expert solution for a problem you face, Nick can quickly create one.

Nick Berry
Andy Maher

Andy Maher

Andy is our M&A point man and deal-maker. He masquerades as the kind of person who can grow and sell agencies. Or build any business through solid management and financial practice. He has worked all over the world for Omnicom, advised dozens of start-ups, and built his own successful businesses. But really he is an accountant in denial. Why else is he always on about numbers? He’s also more Australian than Chips O’Toole. Enough said. Still, Andy will be able to help you navigate your ship through the treacherous seas of start-up financial planning…

Amelia F

If you prefer listening to reading, you’ll be spending hours in the company of Amelia. She’s our go to gal for audio narration. We can say what we like about her because she’s only a robot. Yep, we raided the machine learning toolkit and came out with our golden girl. Generally she does what we ask her to, but there are still some things she refuses to say. Like ‘well played’ when England is crushed in the Ashes. Maybe robots have feelings…?

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The gang

We see entrepreneurial success as a collective venture. That’s code for we love helping and learning from our mates. They really do have skills and experience to shout about. We are fortunate to count some amazing global angel investors, VCs, serial founders, and start-up influencers within our circle of goodness. Over time, we’ll be collaborating to bring you their entrepreneurial tradecraft as well. We also work with legal and accountancy experts, so we can bring in ninjas to solve those tricky professional problems you may have.

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'Working with Marcus and Nick has been a magical experience. They've helped me crack my own pitch deck and messaging. They've done the same for startups we invested in. They can do it for you as well.' 

Peet Denny, Founding Partner - Climate VC

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As an angel investor you have the ability to influence and make a real difference with the value you can add. Marcus does this through his startup investments and Nick has added so much value along my journey including through the Thunderdome where I perfected my pitch deck and purpose statement. Big thank you to the U2R team!'

Andy Ayim, MBE and founder of Angel Investing School

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'The team at U2R are the real deal. They have been there and done it. For me that is the type of person I trust to give advice/ guidance, not self appointed experts.'

Scott Wylie, serial founder and CEO of Seven