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Create a pitch deck investors will love

A bad pitch deck will kill your fundraising chances. Our Ultimate Pitch Deck Course will give you the know-how you need to boost them:

  • Be more confident of success with step-by-step guidance on how to craft a winning deck.
  • Comprehensive advice, a deck template and 24 pitch deck tools.
  • Essential for early stage startup founders looking to impress investors.
  • Created by an angel investor using knowledge gained from helping businesses that raised over $1bn funding.
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Our partners agree this is the best way to master your pitch deck...


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Peet Denny, Founding Partner - Climate VC

'Working with UP AND TO THE RIGHT has been a magical experience. They've helped me crack my own pitch deck and messaging. They've done the same for startups we invested in. They can do it for you as well.'


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Dan Grech, CEO and Founder -    Global OTEC

‘UP AND TO THE RIGHT have transformed me from a pitch deck apprentice to a graduate. They developed my storytelling and cut through all the unnecessary details that a founders head is buzzing with. The materials we worked on together helped us close our last round and I have confidence it will help us immeasurably with the next.’

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Tim O'Shea, Founder -


'U2R provides a simple to follow framework that helps Founders bring out their story, key advantages and market. This gives the basis for a punchy deck with impact. It’s been really helpful for me and I’ve suggested to many Founders to take the course before pitching any Investor. Highly recommended.'


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 What's inside?

01. Plan for success

Deck strategy and story

  • Learn the secrets of successful decks
  • Understand what investors are looking for
  • Learn how to turn this into a compelling story

02. Follow the perfect structure

Slide templates

  • What slides you need
  • What to put on each
  • Variations for different business stages

03. Create optimal content

Pitch deck slide guides and tools

  • Video and audio guides packed with insider know-how
  • 25 pitch deck tools that walk you step by step through creating your content
  • Tips on how to finalise your deck and become 'investor ready'

Includes free bonus

The Ultimate Financial Modeller worth $99

  • Easy to use, best-in-class modeller will create financials in minutes
  • Works for any business model - SaaS, eCommerce, Marketplace...
  • Learn how to understand your financial dynamics and crush your numbers
  • Includes a Runway Calculator and an Ask Generator to plan your fundraising
  • Complete with tips on how to build and iterate your model

Unlock the Ultimate Pitch Deck Course instantly

 Up to 4.5 hours of video and audio content

 Learn the essentials in 20 minutes with our 1 minute lowdowns

 Create your deck in a day or space it over a week with our 7 day programme

 25 pitch deck tools to help you create your content step by step

 Slide template to craft your deck

Free bonus: Financial Modeller to crush your numbers

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'I've never seen a better guide to pitch decks. The course is packed with brilliant advice from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. You'd be mad not to take advantage of it.'

Marta Krupinska, Head of Google Startups UK and Co-founder of CUR8

The full curriculum

Part 1:

Are you heading in the right direction?

55 minutes

Icon of a checklist

Pitch Deck 101

Learn the basics

icon of a coach's playbook on a clipboard

Deck strategy

Know what investors look for.

icon of story book


Create a compelling storyline

Part 2:

What business are you really in?

45 minutes

icon of a target with a bullseye


Stand out and make investors care

Icon of a person with a question


Find a big problem to solve.

Icon of a winners' podiium

Competitive landscape

Master market dynamics.

Part 3:

How appealing is the investment opportunity?

35 minutes

Icon of a magnifying glass with a dollar sign


Build an appealing financial model.

Icon of digital money

The Ask

Plan and validate your ask.

Part 4:

How distinctive is your offer?

40 minutes

Icon of a flashing lightbulb


Solve your big problem in a iew way.

icon of a smiley face and a heart

Value proposition

Make your solution irresisitble.

Icon of a computer with a tick on the screen


Show the magic you've made.

Part 5:

Are you making sufficient progress?

50 minutes

Icon of a a chart and an upward arrow

Traction and GTM

Show momentum or plan to win.

Icon of a chart with upward arrow and a dollar sign


Prove how fast you can grow.

Icon of arrows circling a cog

Business model

Show you can generate lots of cash.

Part 6:

How big can this become?

35 minutes

Icon of a globe


Prove your market is big enough.

Icon of a timer

Why now

Show your timing is right.

Part 7:

Who matters?

20 minutes

Icon of a team


Show your team has what is needed.

Icon of a digital envelope


Make it easy to progress.

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Unlock lifetime access for $399 >>

Our story

We help founders master the startup journey

Marcus, Nick and Andy are three experienced entrepreneurs and investors with a passion for helping founders. Having founded, grown, and sold our own businesses, and helped others do the same, we know how hard the journey is. We formed UP AND TO THE RIGHT to make the path easier for and ensure more founders achieve their ambitions.

We've distilled our experience into fantastic value courses, coaching and tools. These products will boost your startup know-how, helping you anticipate and overcome major challenges.

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