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Need help getting your financials right? Master them with our modeller for non-financial people

Never miss anything important and discover the financial dynamics in your business:

  • Best-in-class modeller generates full financials
  • Integrated tools to plan your fundraising strategy and calculate your ask with more precision
  • Use defaults to quickly generate a model or configure
  • Supports multiple business models

Created by an angel investor using knowledge gained from helping businesses that raised over $1bn funding.

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 What's inside?

01. Understand the basics

Why financial modelling matters 

  • The role of a startup financial model
  • How to use the powerful tool
  • How to set up effective workflow

02. Don't miss anything important

Build your first model in 10 minutes

  • Customised by business model type
  • Core customer, sales and cost forecasts
  • Team builder tool to quickly build a long-term staff plan
  • Use the model's growth defaults or enter custom numbers

03. Analyse the outputs

Master your startup's financial dynamics

  • Use the advice to judge how strong they are 
  • Use the charts to visualise the core dynamics
  • Change inputs and assumptions to model different scenarios 

04. Plan your fundraising

Never run out of cash

  • Use the Runway Calculator to see when you will need funding
  • Model the impact of raising different amounts at different times
  • Use the Ask Generator to calculate your ask with more precision
  • Factor in contingency and the time it takes to fundraise


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Marta Krupinska - Head of Google Startups UK and Co-founder of CUR8    

'Brilliant advice from experienced entrepreneurs and investors. You'd be mad not to take advantage of it.'

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Tim O’Shea - Founder, Sapling Finance

'U2R provides a simple to follow framework...It’s been really helpful for me and I’ve suggested to many Founders to use before pitching to any Investor. Highly recommended.'

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Scott Wylie, Founder -


'The team at U2R are the real deal. They have been there and done it. For me that is the type of person I trust to give advice/ guidance, not self appointed experts.'



Master your numbers with the Ultimate Financial Modeller

 Best-in-class modelling tool

 Includes a choice of business models

 Quickly generate a financial model in minutes using common rules of thumb

 Fully customisable

 Build a staff forecast in seconds using benchmark roles and salary data

Options to model the impact of CAPEX, working capital and tax

See the impact of debt financing with debt terms

 Fundraising tools are fully integrated

 Use the Runway calaculator to plan your fundraising strategy

 Use the Ask Generator to calculate your ask with more precision

 Get entirely new insights with the KPI summary and visual dashboard

 Extensive help including a model critique



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