Why this is x10 better than anything on the market

This is the most comprehensive, flexible and clever start-up financial model available. We have used proprietary comb technology to disentangle all the tricky spreadsheet knots that drive founders and investors crazy. If you don't enjoy the process of building your model, you'll find it easy and thoroughly satisfying:

  • You don't have to be an accountant to use it
  • Quickly generate a financial model in minutes using common rules of thumb
  • If you are an accountant, you'll love the detail and ability to customise everything
  • The most useful, in-depth guidance you'll find anywhere, with lots of benchmarks
  • Plan your costs across three locations to model the impact of regional sourcing and off-shorin
  • Build a staff forecast in seconds using benchmark roles and salary data
  • Calculation of the number of customer service agents you need to support your growth
  • Use ratios to plan the cost benefits of out-sourcing and regional hires
  • Manually enter overheads or use an allocation to speed things up
  • Options to model the impact of CAPEX, working capital and tax
  • Includes all common business models so you don't need to buy multiple sheets
  • Includes dashboard and KPI summary to help you visualise key dynamics such has headcount and margins
  • Integrates ask modelling with your financial modelling, so you can play in the right ballpark
  • Visualise your cash runway, know immediately what you need for 12/18/24 month runways
  • Plan your entire fundraising lifecycle by seeing the impact of future raises
  • See how much cash you need to reach your second round, raise and survive delays
  • See the impact of debt financing with debt terms
  • Record your assumptions to discuss with investors
  • Easy to share with investors
  • Works in Microsoft Excel or Google sheets

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Our tools will help you fly 

Our original pitch deck tools will help you crack the tricky problems that ruin most decks. You won't find these or anything like them anywhere else. They are packed with insider insights from the team that helped start-ups that raised over $1bn. 

Some tools are simple, others more involved. They are all easy to use. Each takes you through a clear step-by-step process, offering tips and guidance to ensure you create the compelling outcomes you need.

Here are the seven tools that are integrated within the Financial Modeller... 

U2R Forecaster

This is the first part of the financial modeller. A financial model is only as good as the data that is entered into it. The U2R forecaster explains every input and makes sure you have all the data you need to begin your financial modelling, from business model, revenue and customer acquisition costs through to costs and CAPEX. 

U2R Forecaster screenshot
U2R Team Builder screenshot

U2R Team Builder

One of the most important drivers of your financial model is your future staff plan. How many people will you need? What will they do? How much will they cost you? The U2R Team Builder is the second part of the Financial Modeller. It helps you quickly build a robust staff plan based on common roles, salary benchmarks and weightings for different locations.

U2R Financials Generator

The third part of the Financial Modeller, this automatically generates full profit and loss, cashflow, and balance sheets for the next five years, based on the forecasts and team you inputted. This will give you a wealth of detail about your projected performance over the next five years, and enables you to use the other tools to model the effects of changes to different inputs.

U2R Financials Generator screenshot
U2R Financials Dashboard screenshot

U2R Financials Dashboard

This is the fourth part of the Financial Modeller. This is a dashboard of charts which visualise key elements of your financial plan, such as the ratio of revenue and customer growth, revenue to cost, revenue to EBITDA and your closing cash balance. These charts will help you to understand key financial dynamics and identify where there may be issues, either because of excessive or insufficient growth. The tool comes with detailed guidance on what to look for in your model.

U2R KPI Summary

The fifth part of the Financial Modeller, this KPI summary gets to the core of your financial model. KPIs are extracted from your core financials so you can decide whether they are good enough (or to good). It includes an easy to absorb summary P&L and tables showing customer growth and acquisitions costs, headcounts and margins over the next five years. Go back and make changes to your model inputs until the dynamics are right. This will also help you to complete your Business Model slide.

U2R KPI Summary screenshot

U2R Runway Calculator

The sixth part of the Financial Modeller is the Runway Calculator. The Financials Generator automatically calculates your cashflow, which can be used to plan your long-term fundraising strategy. The Runway Calculator automatically calculates how much runway you have each month and what you need to ask for for 12/18/24 month runway (from a given date). It also lets you model the impact of different amounts and types of fundraising over time, helping you to refine your long term strategy.

U2R Ask Generator

The seventh part of the Financial Modeller is the Ask Generator. Your closing cash balance and Runway Calculator will give you a good idea of when you might need to raise funds. Calculating exactly how much you need is a difficult task. The Ask Generator makes this simple by calculating the cash shortfall between two dates, such as when you are going to start fundraising now and when you will be able to raise in the future. It also guides you through some key variables so you can decide how much contingency you need. The tool helps you calculate your ASK with much greater precision. 

U2R Ask Generator screenshot