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There are 32 totally original pitch tools to help you crack every tricky problem in your deck. You won't find these or anything like them anywhere else. They are packed with insider insights from the team that helped start-ups that raised over $1bn.

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Are you heading in the right direction?

A hand giving the thumbs up from dense undergrowth
A screen image of a data chart
A close up of a calculator on a yellow background
A neon sign saying WE ARE ALL MADE OF STORIES
A blank pad, pencil and paints

What business are you really in?

A chalk sign on the pavement saying FULFILL YOUR DESTINY
Rows of coloured paper on sale in a stationers
The light effects of car headlamps at night
A man wearing a pin stripe and sunglasses whose face is only visible through a magnifying glass
Two old jaguar cars, one immaculate the other wrecked

How appealing is the investment opportunity?

A digital heart
Rows of naked lego minifigures
Neon bar sign of hands giving thumbs up and OK sign
A pilot's cockpit at night
A runway stretching into the distance
A multicoloured abacus
A rollerdeck calendar with the day date changing
An elderly man holding a magnifying glass to one eye

How distinctive is your offer?

A rubiks cube
A product designer sketching
A brightly coloured Asian city at night
The rear of a sophisticated concept or super car

Are you making sufficient progress?

The phrase ACHIEVE TOGETHER on either side of a closed glass door
Dozens of balloons floating against a blue sky
A hand-drawn data chart
A wall mural of a woman with exotic plants growing out of her head
Someone stood in front of a circle of light to look like a halo

How big can this become?

Someone holding a slice of water melon with a heart shape cut out of it
Four segments of water melon
A miniature tardis in front of a bookshelf

Who matters?

Star Wars lego minifigures recreating the Beatles' walk across Abbey Road
Person wearing orange shoes walking up blue metal steps

We help you solve problems before they become a problem...

Every business is different, but most of the challenges and problems they face are common. Like how do you design a decent market map? Or how do you know if your timing is right? Our tools guide you through every step, taking you through not just the 'what', but also the 'why' and 'how', helping you master some tricky fundraising fundamentals. See the questions they answer below or a summary list here. 

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