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Crush your numbers

Would you invest in a business with a shaky business case? Investors won't either. Your numbers need to be bulletproof. That's easier said than done, with dozens of variables to consider and balance (sales, revenue, costs, CAPEX, staff, locations, tax, acquisition and attrition).

You can spend weeks adapting an old spreadsheet or crack it in minutes with our start-up ULTIMATE FINANCIAL MODELLER. This definitive tool guides you through the essential inputs and generates all the outputs automatically, so you don't miss anything. We'll help you model so you can plan your fundraising strategy and calculate your ASK with precision. We'll show you how you can use financial modelling to challenge and strengthen nearly every apsect of your business.   

Master your business case, impress investors, and perfect your ASK...

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Master your financials and your ASK

Spreadsheets are easy, but choosing the right inputs is much harder. How much money will you make? Over what time period? Are the forecast rates of growth reasonable? How do the financials vary by business model? Have you forgotten anything? The ULTIMATE FINANCIAL MODELLER guides you through the process. Build a solid staff plan, business case and start-up financial model in minutes using common rules of thumb. You can fully customise later.

Once you have nailed your financials you need to calculate your ASK. What is your current cash runway? How much do you need for a 12/18/24 month runway? How much do you need to reach your second round of funding? What if there are delays? How many rounds are you likely to need before you become self-sustaining? Find out with the U2R RUNWAY CALCULATOR and U2R ASK GENERATOR. These tools are integrated within the modeller, so you can quickly align your financials and your ask.

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One model to rule them all...


What you get: Start-up Financial Model ++++

The FINANCIAL MODELLER is a spreadsheet that combines:

  • U2R Team Builder: to estimate your future staff and overheads by location
  • U2R Forecaster: to map out sales, revenue and cost growth
  • U2R Financials Generator: P&L, cashflow and balance sheet to make sure you stay in business
  • U2R Financial Dashboard: to drop into your investment deck
  • U2R KPIs Summary: to master the key financial and customer dynamics within your business
  • U2R Runway Calculator: to model the impact of different asks on your runway
  • U2R Ask Generator: to estimate how much you should be asking investors for
  • The package includes summary video, in-depth slide guide, investor insights, audio guide and extensive tool help to get you comfortable with modelling
  • You also get the free Pitch Deck 101, with details of golden rules, design tips, the slides you need and more tips

Get the best business case, ask and runway modelling tools, dashboard charts, and KPIs for...

Only £99 / $135 / €119

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'Working with Marcus and Nick has been a magical experience. They've helped me crack my own pitch deck and messaging. They've done the same for startups we invested in. They can do it for you as well.' 

Peet Denny, Founding Partner - Climate VC

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As an angel investor you have the ability to influence and make a real difference with the value you can add. Marcus does this through his startup investments and Nick has added so much value along my journey including through the Thunderdome where I perfected my pitch deck and purpose statement. Big thank you to the U2R team!'

Andy Ayim, MBE and founder of Angel Investing School

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'The team at U2R are the real deal. They have been there and done it. For me that is the type of person I trust to give advice/ guidance, not self appointed experts.'

Scott Wylie, serial founder and CEO of Seven

See what you get with the Ultimate Financial Modeller


We've learned from helping businesses that have raised over $990m. Now you can use our expertise to give your start-up rocket fuel

We know what it takes to raise money. The businesses we have helped through advisory, being part of their leadership team, or invested in directly, have raised over $990m. We also know where most first-time fundraisers go wrong, having seen thousands of decks and collaborated with investors who receive ten times more. We have distilled everything you need to know into a series of playbooks and tools, so you can accelerate your own fundraising and get your deck right first time.

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We're on a mission to help first-time fundraisers boost their chances by creating decks like serial entrepreneurs

Why you need our start-up pitch deck products...

  1. Unique insights to help you get inside the mind of top investors
  2. Save weeks of research by quickly accessing the most comprehensive and best guidance available
  3. Solve the problems that ruin most decks (and start-ups ) with original tools and content created by successful investors and entrepreneurs
  4. Prepare better for the fundraising process and strengthen your business with strategic management insights
  5. Access content in multiple ways and formats. Go on a journey or dive in to find the pearls you need.
  6. On-demand access to 1:1 support from successful entrepreneurs and investors, and become part of a community of ambitious founders

Why this is x10 better than anything on the market

This is the most comprehensive, flexible and clever start-up financial model available. We have used proprietary comb technology to disentangle all the tricky spreadsheet knots that drive founders and investors crazy. If you don't enjoy the process of building your model, you'll find it easy and thoroughly satisfying:

  • You don't have to be an accountant to use it
  • Quickly generate a financial model in minutes using common rules of thumb
  • If you are an accountant, you'll love the detail and ability to customise everything
  • The most useful, in-depth guidance you'll find anywhere, with lots of benchmarks
  • Plan your costs across three locations to model the impact of regional sourcing and off-shoring
  • Build a staff forecast in seconds using benchmark roles and salary data
  • Calculation of the number of customer service agents you need to support your growth
  • Use ratios to plan the cost benefits of out-sourcing and regional hires  
  • Manually enter overheads or use an allocation to speed things up
  • Options to model the impact of CAPEX, working capital and tax
  • Includes all common business models so you don't need to buy multiple sheets
  • Includes dashboard and KPI summary to help you visualise key dynamics such has headcount and margins
  • Integrates ask modelling with your financial modelling, so you can play in the right ballpark
  • Visualise your cash runway, know immediately what you need for 12/18/24 month runways
  • Plan your entire fundraising lifecycle by seeing the impact of future raises
  • See how much cash you need to reach your second round, raise and survive delays
  • See the impact of debt financing with debt terms 
  • Record your assumptions to discuss with investors
  • Easy to share with investors
  • Works in Microsoft Excel or Google sheets

Only £99 / $135 / €119

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Avoid mistakes 

 Even founders with a great grasp of numbers struggle with investment modelling because of the complexity of inputs and elements to consider. What is reasonable to forecast for a business that will change out of all recognition over the years ahead? We guide you through the essential inputs and give you the outputs you need, so you doge the common pitfalls.


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Definitive tools

The content is entirely original. It is based on 18 months research into understanding why current best practice produces such poor decks; 12 months of listening to VCs and other investors about what does not work for them; 8 years of experience of successful Angel investing; 12 years of working with founders and listening to their needs; and over 50 years’ experience of growing successful businesses of every shape and size.

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By Founders for Founders

This is a no-nonsense guide. We have been through the journey you are on and know what it is like. We know you like learning in different ways, so content is available in different formats. We also know you are super busy, so the content has been structured so that you can make progress if you have 10 minutes, 1 hour, or 1 day to spend on each slide. No wading through stuff if you need a quick steer.

Essential for early stage founders

The ULTIMATE FINANCIAL MODELLER is relevant for all early stage businesses, in all geographies, up to Series A. It covers the most common business models. It quickly creates a model using simple inputs and rules of thumb. You don't need any financial experience, but if you are already a numbers ninja, you can fully customise and adapt the model to meet all the specifics of your business.  

 Only £99 / $135 / €119

Make Me a Numbers Ninja

Get 1:1 support from top investors and entrepreneurs

If you're serious about fundraising, we're serious about you. Every month we are giving away a free 30-minute session with Marcus Exall, one of the most respected Angel Investors on the planet. You can also book 1:1 sessions with Marcus and our team of titans to review your deck, practice your pitch, or get our help cracking any tricky problems you face. These sessions are only available to paying customers.

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Are the numbers only part of the problem?

We want founders to beat the odds with their entire investment pitch decks. We've lovingly crafted 18 playbooks and 18 original tools to help you perfect yours. Check them out in the ULTIMATE PITCH DECK PLAYBOOK. It includes everything in the ULTIMATE FINANCIAL MODELLER and much, much more, Including:

  • A BUSINESS MODELLER to highlight whether investors will be impressed with your underlying business model.
  • A MILESTONE MAPPER to identify when you will be able to start your second round of fundraising.
  • An ASK VALIDATOR to see if your ASK is within touching distance of a ballpark investors will recognise.
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Not yet ready to take the plunge? Try our Pitch Deck 101

We know some people like to try canapes before attacking the buffet. Try our PITCH DECK 101. There aren't any tools, but it’s free and will give you some core principles and golden rules to whet your appetite.

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