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U2R Problem Solver screenshot

U2R Problem Solver

Once you have identified a big problem, you need to show that you are capable of solving it. This involves more than showing your app or homepage. The U2R Problem Solver will quickly help you link your solution to your problem, and tease out what makes it distinctive and special. 

U2R Value Proposition Designer

If you want to sell your solution you need a strong value proposition. How will your solution enrich their lives? The U2R Value Proposition Designer will help you make your solution both relevant and appealing, by showing it meets both functional and emotional customer goals.

U2R Value Proposition Designer screenshot
U2R Customer Journey Selector screenshot

U2R Customer Journey Selector

The best way of showcasing your product to investors is to show it in action. How does it create value for customers? Can the magic or secret sauce be demonstrated? The U2R Customer Journey Selector will help you identify the best customer journey to illustrate, based on simple criteria to make sure that you are pressing all the right investor buttons.

U2R Feature Selector

If your product is hard to showcase in a journey, you'll want to share its features. The U2R Feature Selector will help you pick the best ones, based on criteria such as which are likely to be most experienced by customers and which are the most novel.

U2R Feature Selector screenshot
U2R Business Modeller screenshot

U2R Business Modeller

Investors want to invest in start-ups that are magical money making machines. If you are at an early stage, you need to show that your business model is capable of delivering this. The U2R Business Modeller will help you pull out the key metrics that can build a compelling case. It automatically calculates key ratios based on some simple inputs.

U2R Achievement Mapper

If you are pre-launch you need to show that you are building up irresistible momentum. The U2R Achievement Mapper teases out all your major achievements to date and scores them, so you know which to include on your start-up timeline.

U2R Achievement Mapper screenshot
U2R Go to Market Planner screenshot

U2R Go to Market Planner

If you have yet to launch a key part of your pitch will be showing that you have a solid Go to Market plan. Are you targeting the right customers with the right sales channels and marketing activity? The U2R Go to Market Planner will guide you through the process and make sure your plan is fully actionable.

U2R Traction-o-meter

If you are in market you need to be demonstrating traction. This is the proof of the pudding, whether your concept works and is scalable. If you have been in market for a while then you need to show how you perform on some common metrics and ratios. The U2R Traction-o-meter automatically calculates these and creates a chart based on simple data inputs. Use it to find the right traction highlights to share with investors.

U2R Traction-o-meter screenshot
U2R Growth Mapper screenshot

U2R Growth Mapper

You've probably got some punchy sales forecasts. Investors want to know how you will achieve them. The U2R Growth Mapper is a way of structuring your marketing to demonstrate that you have a near endless source of growth, with activities classified as proven, probable and potential. Use it to impress investors with your grasp of current performance and approach to the ongoing challenge of driving growth.

U2R Team Selector

Start-up success is all about execution. Are you the best team to realise the opportunity you have identified? Use the U2R Team Selector to see the leadership roles investors expect, so you can present the best blend of skills and experience. It can also help you organise your leadership team better (if everyone is still doig everything) and identify future hires. 

U2R Team Selector screenshot
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