Module 6: Competitive Landscape

Learning objectives: how to analyse your market, present it to investors, and position yourself within it.

Markets are dynamic. Opportunities are constantly being created. The companies competing to take advanatge of the opportunities change over time. This module will help you understand market fundamentals and how to present yours to investors in way that you seem destined to win. It will show you how to avoid the worst mistakes other founders make, find a robust competitive set, and how to compare yourself against others competing in your market space.  

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Written and audio guide: 17 mins

Summary video


How to approach it

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Investor insights, covering common mistakes and tips and tricks

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3 Tool exercises

Create a dynamic market map showing you are destined to win (~45 mins)

Identity the different kinds of competitors you are likely to face, both now and in the future (~30 mins)

Develop a strategy canvas to show how you will win in contested market space (~30-60 mins) 



Screenshot of the dynamic market mapper

U2R Dynamic Market Mapper

Early stage investors are rarely experts in your sector. Even if they are, they want to know what you think are the most important market dynamics and who you are competing against. The U2R Dynamic Market Mapper helps you identify the two most important market shifts, which are used as the axes for your market map. If you can convince investors that your reading of the market is right, you will have them hooked.  

U2R Competition Spotter

Every start-up competes against someone. Investors cringe when they hear 'I have no competitors.' The U2R Competition Spotter will help you to impress them with your knowledge of your competitive set. It helps you understand who are your direct and indirect competitors, current and future. You can use this list to populate your market map.

Screenshot of the competition spotter
Screenshot of the value creation comparator

U2R Value Creation Comparator

If you are in a crowded market space with several direct competitors, you need to show you have what it takes to take them on and beat them. This has nothing to do with the features your product offers, which can be easy copied. The U2R Value Creation Comparator helps you build a strategy canvas for your sector to identify your unique sources of customer value creation. Use these to create competitor comparisons that prove you have the winning formula.

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