Boost your chances with the Start-Up Pitch Deck Course

This UP AND TO THE RIGHT course will teach you how to perfect your pitch deck and boost your fundraising chances. It has 18 modules packed with insights and insider tradecraft from advising start-ups that raised over $1bn. We'll even review your finished deck and help you solve any tricky problems along the way.

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Master the tradecraft behind successful pitch decks

Investors receive around 3,000 decks a year. To have any chance of fundraising success, your deck must be amazing and leap out from the slush pile. You can't just copy what Airbnb did 15 years ago. You need to convince investors that your start-up represents their best investment opportunity. 

The START-UP PITCH DECK COURSE will show you how to do this, step by step. We'll guide you through the key concepts, the strategy, how to create an overarching story, and how to craft each and every slide.  It includes a free deck review when you are finished and a free bonus 30 minute advisory callso you can get us working on your deck. 

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Insider tradecraft to supercharge your fundraising

We know what it takes to raise funding. The businesses we have helped through advisory, being part of their leadership team, or invested in directly, have raised over $1bn. We've seen thousands of decks and collaborated with investors who receive ten times more, so we know where mistakes can happen. We've distilled everything you need to know to succeed into a series of easy to follow, step by step modules.

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Avoid Costly Mistakes

The success of your fundraising depends not on the quality of your deck, but the quality of your preparation. Is your business ready? Are you? Have you mastered all the fundamentals investors will expect you to know about? Have you missed anything important or got anything wrong? You can spend weeks researching and be no clearer to answers, or you can let our course take your through a systematic process that will prepare you thoroughly. 

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Original Quality Content

The course content is entirely original. It is based on 18 months research into understanding why current best practice produces such poor decks; 12 months of listening to VCs and other investors about what does not work for them; 8 years of experience of successful Angel investing; 12 years of working with founders and listening to their needs; and over 50 years’ experience of growing successful businesses of every shape and size.

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Fully Flexible Experience 

Content is available in a variety of different formats. When you enrol, choose your preferred timeline and we will guide you through it. We recommend you plan to spend an hour on each of the 18 modules, which includes working on your own pitch deck. But you can make progress even if you only have 10 minutes for each, with 3 hours of core content and 32 optional exercises. We'll also help you perfect your deck with 1:1 support and a free deck review.

Course overview

The course combines core advice with optional tool-based exercises to solve any problems you encounter. Set aside between 3 and 18 hours to do the course and perfect your deck.

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Module 1:

Pitch Deck 101

Learn the basics.

Audio guide: 25 minutes

Optional tool exercises: n/a


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Module 2:

Deck Strategy

Build a winning investment thesis.

Audio guide: 13 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 3 (85 minutes)


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Module 3:


Create a compelling storyline. 

Audio guide: 16 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (30 minutes)


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Module 4:


Stand out and make investors care. 

Audio guide: 14 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (60 minutes)


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Module 5:


Find a big problem to solve.

Audio guide: 14 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (60 minutes)


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Module 6:

Competitive Landscape

Master market dynamics and competition.

Audio guide: 17 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 3 (135 minutes)


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Module 7:


Build a robust financial model.

Audio guide: 19 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 7 (30 minutes+)


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Module 8:

The Ask

Plan and validate your ASK.

Audio guide: 17 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 2 (60 minutes)


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Module 9:


Solve your big problem in a new way.

Audio guide: 11 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (15 minutes)


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Module 10:

Value Proposition

Make your solution irresistible to customers.

Audio guide: 14 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (45 minutes)


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Module 11:


Demonstrate the magic you have created.

Audio guide: 13 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 2 (40 minutes)


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Module 12:

Traction & GTM

Show momentum or plans for a big splash.

Audio guide: 19 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 3 (105 minutes)


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Module 13:


Prove you can grow fast enough.

Audio guide: 14 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (30 minutes)


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Module 14:

Business Model

Show you can generate lots of cash.

Audio guide: 15 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (10 minutes)


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Module 15:


Prove your market is big enough.

Audio guide: 22 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 2 (115 minutes)


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Module 16:

Why Now

Prove your timing is right.

Audio guide: 15 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (30 minutes)


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Module 17:


Show your team has what is needed.

Audio guide: 13 minutes

Optional tool exercises: 1 (20 minutes)


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Module 18:


Make it easy to progress.

Audio guide: 6 minutes

Optional tool exercises: n/a


Your instructor: Marcus Exall

Marcus has invested in, advised or served on the leadership teams of start-ups that have raised over $1bn. He'll share what he has learned so you can avoid common problems and quickly perfect your deck. He is ably assisted by Nick Berry (strategic ninja) and Andy Maher (M&A expert), who have helped top brands generate hundreds of millions in sales and advise founders how to exit. Find out more about the UP AND TO THE RIGHT team here.

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Get top investors and successful entrepreneurs perfecting your deck

The course is self-guided, but the entire team is available to answer your questions in the community threads. Your course includes a full deck review and a 30 minute advisory call. Customers can also book extra 1:1 sessions to review your deck again, or financial model, practice your pitch, or troubleshoot anything holding you back. We'll get you ready to pitch like a serial fundraiser. 

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'Working with Marcus and Nick has been a magical experience. They've helped me crack my own pitch deck and messaging. They've done the same for startups we invested in. They can do it for you as well.' 

Peet Denny, Founding Partner - Climate VC

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As an angel investor you have the ability to influence and make a real difference with the value you can add. Marcus does this through his startup investments and Nick has added so much value along my journey including through the Thunderdome where I perfected my pitch deck and purpose statement. Big thank you to the U2R team!'

Andy Ayim, MBE and founder of Angel Investing School

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'The team at U2R are the real deal. They have been there and done it. For me that is the type of person I trust to give advice/ guidance, not self appointed experts.'

Scott Wylie, serial founder and CEO of Seven

The Start-Up Pitch Deck Course

£399 / $499 / €449

Lifetime access to all content and community

  • On-demand access: start today
  • Insider tradecraft from top investors
  • 18 comprehensive modules packed with insight
  • 32 original tools to solve common problems 
  • Flexible content to suit your timings
  • A full deck review when you are finished
  • A 30 minute advisory call
  • Access to 1:1 support

Boost your fundraising chances

Get instant access to everything you need to perfect your pitch deck and boost your fundraising chances. If you need us, we're here to review, solve any problems and hear your practice pitch. Completing the course will make your deck better, strengthen your business, and prepare you better for the fundraising process.